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Renown Paper ProductsRenown® is your source for environmentally preferable quality paper products and dispensing systems. You can choose from our 100% Recycled, 100% Recycled Green Seal-Certified, or 100% Recycled Green Seal-Certified Renown® Select towel and tissue products.

Renown® Green Seal-certified towel and tissue products are made from 100% recycled wastepaper and are certified by Green Seal, Inc. in Washington, DC. The "Green Seal" means our products meet the Green Seal environmental standards for paper towels and tissue, making the Renown® Green Seal-certified products among the most environmentally preferable towel and tissue lines available in the away-from-home market.

Renown® Green Seal-certified products can help you achieve green status. A complete line of towel and tissue products is available including roll and folded towels, bath and facial tissue. The Renown® Green Seal-certified roll and folded towels are available in white, natural and a unique natural white paper grade.

Renown® premium paper products are also available for the most discriminating upscale properties.

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